ETC - whats next?

BITTREX:ETCBTC   以太坊经典/比特币

I've been looking at the ETC chart for quite a while now.
Looking at the Elliot Waves on 4hr chart, it seems like ETC just finished 4th correction wave and it's preparing for last, 5th wave. It could go up to around 0.0045 sat in next week or so.

MACD and RSI are also showing some positive signals.
Also, we have just entered our last cycle ( I draw the first one from start of the first breakout till the start of next breakout and they seem quite accurate because the next breakout ended just at the end of (3)cycle line) and there is no red candle yet in this one so this could be good signal for last cycle.
Possible target is around 0.0045 sat, at this point (.0045) is also a strong support / resistence line from previous movements.


If you take a look at RSI indicator, you can see that we are swimming around the same level as we were before the start of the first breakout....
Let's hope for the best! ^^