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Before we start looking at this chart, let me tell you that I personally do not believe in USD charts when it comes to cryptocurrency that much and would always choose to look at price in satoshi.

From this chart however I was able to spot some very common sense trends in terms of downward trends and breaks afterwards. Downward trend usually ends when it is suddenly broken in an upward price spike which happens in less then 12 hours. In this case as you may see we are having a much greater downward trend which by logic should indicate a much greater spike possibility.

We are holding this trade and if needed will switch it into long term. Now to all those who speculate a similar fall as we have seen occur with Zclassic, I must say that these are two different apples. Zclassic had a hard fork with bitcoin             which resulted in a new coin called Bitcoin             Private. In Ethereum             Classic's case, this is not a hard fork, just an airdrop of a token that has been bombarded by many, including some exchanges. It has more than 6 Billion tokens. That's a lot of tokens to be given out only at 1:1 ratio. In all, I do not believe that this airdrop will have any effect on Ethereum             Classic for one simple reason... Ethereum             Classic team has nothing to do with it.

With that said, my team and I do believe that Ethereum             Classic holds some great potential in terms of price and technology. It's severely undervalued and should be at least 25% of Ethereum             price.

In addition, I would recommend everyone to look at Ethereum             before it had it's run up. It was following same or similar trajectory path as Ethereum             Classic is, so if you're in, I would stay in. If you're out, well then.

Do not invest what you can't afford to lose. We are not your financial advisors.
评论: First break needed on $30 mark
评论: Just look at that undersold RSI on 4H 1D chart!!!!

评论: This coin is really on all investors' nerves right now
评论: Ethereum Classic has been upgraded to B rate on Weiss


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Weiss ratings has no crypto rating at their website... Give a link. Its fake pdf on 3d party websites...
It’s making me cry!!
you keep pumping this coin with positives.. its in a downtrend dude... #unfollow
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PeterTrubetskoy timmylivinalie
@timmylivinalie, the views on this post arent enough to pump a coin with 2.9 bill market cap lol
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supply of etc is 100,255,893 but the supply of callisto is 6billion they are going to distribute ???
are they going to reserve 5 billions callisto for future or what ????
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