ETH about to make a move

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Broke out of down trending channel on the .99 support line, couldn't bust through previous LH and formed a bear flag .
Price respecting .099btc support and closing in on the pennant .
If break up next resistance is around .107btc
Risky move with current btc 1.15% 1.34% movement but a pick up on current support or just below around .97 will see 10% gain to next resistance.
If price breaks the next support is .95btc its a 2% drop giving a risk/reward ratio of roughly 5:1 :)
评论: we had a break down on the bear flag and have dropped past support at .0955.
Should hold around .090 for a while pending btc break out off the 10k resistance.
Personally wouldnt be making a move on eth just yet
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