FORWARD TESTING - ETH/BTC - 5M - BINANCE [Automated Strategy]

Hello, this is a new concept of idea: I will forward test one of my scripts, meaning I will update this post every time a trade happens and see how it goes. If you like this idea you will receive updates.

The script used will be Cyatophilum Bands Pro Trader.

The configuration is the following:
  • Pair: ETH/BTC
  • Exchange: BINANCE
  • TimeFrame: 5 Minutes
  • Input Parameters: 200 - 20 - 1 - 70

I am using Autoview for connecting TradingView to Binance. Read More

Note: main chart above is 15m timeframe but the strategy is running on 5m. The backtest below is for the 15m strategy but I choose to forward test the 5m strat to get trades more often.

Access to the strategy can be purchased on my website.

Current chart :

Last order was a buy at 0.033887 BTC
Next order will be a sell.
交易开始: Re-entry yesterday night, at 0.036787 BTC
交易开始: Today two alerts triggered, a sell signal at 0.03716100 BTC
...followed by a buy signal at 0.03697300 BTC
As you can see on the picture, the script detected a short opportunity, but cancelled it a few minutes later, as the market remained bullish.
交易开始: A Long alert triggered at 0.036864 BTC , meaning ETH is a bit oversold. If the price stays close to its support we can expect the Bands to shrink and a new trend (maybe) will begin. Hopefuly not a bear trend D:

交易开始: A lot happened in 24 hours!
02-22 04:05:03 - Sold - at 0.062997 BTC
02-22 05:55:01 - Buy - at 0.062900 BTC
So far this configuration sits at a 100% winrate on the last 15 trades O_o (see my discord for backtest results)
评论: Mistake on previous comment: wrong prices
02-22 04:05:03 - Sold - at 0.03705700 BTC
02-22 05:55:01 - Buy - at 0.03700000 BTC
交易开始: Ooh, the trend is reversing! The Bands background turned red.
A sell signal happened during the night:
02-23 04:00:03 - Sold - at 0.03706600 BTC

交易开始: 02-23 11:45 - Buy - at 0.037359 BTC
Looking like bears aren't ready yet.. we will see.
评论: 2019-02-24 16:50 - buy entry - at 0.036938 BTC
After this huge volatility I'm thinking about adding a take profit system to my script.
交易开始: Ouch, first losing trade in this forward testing :p
02-27 15:10:02 - Sell - at 0.03623400 BTC
交易开始: Another trade:
2019-02-27 21:00 - BUY - at 0.035571 BTC
2019-03-01 17:58 - SELL - at 0.035624 BTC

交易开始: 03-01 21:25:01 BUY 0.03556300 BTC
03-03 01:35:01 SELL 0.03505700 BTC
03-03 06:15:02 BUY 0.03493600 BTC
交易开始: I've been busy these last days, but the trading is still active !
03-05 07:40:0 - SELL - 0.03406800 BTC
03-05 12:45:02 - BUY - 0.03428200 BTC

The trend remains bullish! - Automated Strategies with Backtest and Alert Setup

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I am taking PineScript Commissions ✔


Thanks for the updates cyatophilum, happy trading =D
+1 回复
Amazing, I love forward testing, your backtest record is continuous positive growth, congratulations, keep it up, gave you a "LIKE" =D
+1 回复
Thanks @ICEKI, it's a long only strategy, the net profit shows a growth these last days because ETH went up, now when the trend reverses the goal will be to cut losses at maximum, and perhaps profit on bounces on the way down, we'll see ;)
ICEKI cyatophilum
@cyatophilum, That sound like so powerful, keep it up, and wish you happy trading =D
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