ATS - ETH Trade Opportunity

The AutoTradeSystem ( ATS ) aims to pinpoit entry (blue bar) and exit points (white bar) for long and short positions for short day/intraday trades based on a powerfull algorithm running on background and picking the best entry and exit zones for the trader.

All the trader has to do is follow the email alerts the system sends, no more endless hours of looking at charts trying to guess what will happen next.

The system consists on entering in a position with 1/5 of the total capital in the 2h Chart (left chart) and exit at 1st exit warn on 30mins chart (right chart).

It's designed to allow 4 extra price corrections (pyramiding / layering entry x 4), these corrections are only allowed after a 4 candle period on the 2h chart meaning: the 1st correction should be done only after 8hs or more related to the entry position (1st blue bar) and should be only done on a new entry alert (>= 8h new blue bar), and so on.

After 4 corrections a stop loss with 5% price value on the last correction price should be submitted.

Back testing gives a extremely high level of accuracy on short term trades (day/intraday trades).

The charts publishing can have some delay because I can't afford to be online 24/7. Though the email alerts work 24/7 in real time.

The chart colors are all changed to reduce headaches, so green is blue and red is white.

Entry price: 276.18 with 1/5 of trade money. (e.g.: 2000 of 10000 USD)

1. This is not a trade advising system for the general public for now, I use it for my own trades and publish it to keep an historical record and testing purposes. Follow this system at this stage at your own risk. Soon I intend to make available a real time email alerts for the ATS subscribers.

Good trading!
交易结束:到达目标: Trade Closed

Exit Signal: 308.65

Trade result: +11.76%

Our trades record:

this was a perfect prediction! i think the algorythm is accurate and timing all extreme overbought and oversold conditions. great work!
Great prediction @Rick_55 ! Too bad I was already in at 296.5 a few days ago. Just sold at 309.5, so overall it was alright. I started reading your posts a couple of days ago, but didn't pay much attention. I'll keep an eye out for your future suggestions, you seem to be on the right track so far. I look forward to read your posts soon. Nice job and keep up the good work!
Rick_55 ovibercea
@ovibercea, Thank you for your opinion. Best regards.
ovibercea Rick_55
Hi @Rick_55, I am a new user on this site and because of some bug I can't verify my account via sms, so I can't write you in the messenger section my email address. Please leave me yours in a private message, I am allowed to read, but not write. Thanks
Partly following your ATS suggestion I opened a small position with a nice reward. Good again! Your system seems to be really good!
Rick_55 noievarie
@noievarie, Thank you, this one was the best of the 3 trades series starting yesterday. Glad you happy with the results.
noievarie Rick_55
@Rick_55, Your system seems to be so good, that I still need time to fully believe it...
Rick_55 noievarie
@noievarie, All transparent, check the previous predictions. Thank you for the feedback.
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