373 2
I think another good entrance could be closer to 420 for wave C. 440 is correction for wave A

this is just to test myself with the first prediction, don't take it seriously yet

Though it is not related, I expect a good pump (and dump) for BCH after November 27, or closer to November to 29, and one more pump closer to the actual date of listing of BCHUSD pairs on Bitstamp . BCH and ETH are my favorite for now
评论: Could be a double top, shorting before 480
评论: So far my trades were- got in at 380, got out at 470, got back at 463 and got out at around 470 in panick for double top instead of going to 490. I am trading on bittrex and prices there were much lower than on other exchanges so I rushed to get out earlier than expected.
Changed my plans to get back at 445, instead will wait for 420, need some sleep now. Safe and profitable trades everyone!

PS I am extremely cautious now after losing 70% of savings as newbie on altcoins some 6 months ago (lessons learned), so I don't trade small altcoins anymore, have tight stop losses for risky trades before going to sleep and staying out of BTC. Stayed out of trading for several months and got back in November. During this month played extremely safely and recovered everything and made a nice profit :))) looking to double money by New Year and call it quits until the cryptomarket bubble bursts. Thanks everyone for your trading ideas, I learned a lot from you all!!
评论: waiting for wave C to buy back. There are some skeptical traders here saying it could go below 400, so not placing any orders yet. I don't think it can go below 400, but it is better to avoid unnecessary risks. If BCH drops to 1400 before ETH completes wave C I will switch to BCH then (I know BCH is very risky but if you quit waaay before the crowd, such as 150-200$ below the target there is almost no risk, just make sure you read as many forecasts as possible, news updates and never leave your coins unattended, sometimes stop losses don't work)
评论: so far wave 5 height prediction failed (490 vs actual 474),
wave A prediction is OK, 440 vs actual 439,
wave B OK, on the picture prediction 465 vs actual 462,
looks like we are finally heading down along wave C..

I have seen other traders identify as wave 5 what I see as wave 3, my choice is explained that I try to choose waves whose sizes are relatively similar, and making sure wave 3 is the longest. Current actual pattern is looking messy, but so far I am confident that waves were identified correctly, because wave 5 shouldn't necessarily be similar in height to wave 1, but unlikely to be longer than wave 3
How don you learned market behaviour? Read some books, passed some lessojs courses?
imocchi Vlaban
@Vlaban, I am not a financial analyst or a professional trader, as many others here. Just an average user trying to learn from others, so don't trust my charts much. I didn't read any textbooks, only googled some terms when saw them, such as for example shooting star, triple top, double bottom, ABC, etc
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