ETHUSD: Next Potential Trade Set-Ups

ETHUSD Potential Trade Set-Ups
Pretty dull still here. It's not giving up without a fight but not
a range we need to be involved in right now. Maybe if it
breaks the upper dynamic holding back all rallies so far, but it
looks like running into overhead supply at 477 so if you follow
this break, should we see it, look to close out here and only
enter long again on a break above 484 looking to get long on
the next pull-back, ideally to 477 and no lower, using any
winnings from the earlier long trade out of the upper dynamic
as stops for the next long trade.
评论: lack-lustre here. a sad failed break to the upside and no follow through (quality of the break, no green, just a damp squib) can sell off those failed breaks if you're a daytrader..sentiment rose on the break and with no follow-through it means a load of new buyers have been trapped at the high or close do you feel in that situation? They feel the same. Pissed. Hopeful. The majority wait and hope and watch their dream slide down the nearest parallel ...they don't want to quit, thinking the cavalry will arrive soon...ETHUSD and DashUSD pretty much the same...hopes being ground down. Never feels good hunting for scalps though. It's a mean trick to play and doesn't sit right with the universe. But nature is cruel and markets are too.
Moping around and trying to find the energy to break upwards but it looks tired and dreams must be dashed, or put on hold for now. Ideally this will come back to that first blue line of support. Stick an order in just above the line at 446 with a stop under 443. Maybe we'll get lucky here, on the back of others less fortunate. Study the quality of the tells you everything about the next few hours. Study loads. It's Sunday. Loads to learn every day about Cryptos. Get to it!
评论: Excellent fill on the ETH long. Now close out and only go long again on a proper break above the line it's touching now. Check back stuff for break recognition
评论: So we've just made 14 points,. Use thenm on nxt break..we could get it this time. Stops under 456 if we see can use that money won to gear up now, if we see the break...yes? Just use that win as the stop for next trade and gear up a little. It means you break even or win loads...but do not stay long if the break fails. Good
After getting filled perfectly at 447 (old bull, see?) we've closed out for about a 14 point win and now seek to gear up a little and play the next break, if we see it ...need the break to be good, grren candles, can buy again at 457 with stops under 453 (young bull) or wait some, see if the break actually happens, looking good ain't enough for some, and buy on the pull back. which bull are you...but if it's going to go it has to be soon now..

Come on ETH. Push FFS. Raise stops to 460 on htis break and if you've geared up too I so want this to be a good break...want some green..candles that is
评论: Raise stop 462 so if this goes wrong it's no loss...doesn't feel right so far..where the hell is volume ? This is in the balance. follow the chart not your heart.
评论: OK So whoever bought there was a genius. Probably Blofeld. Just don't get that one. Still don't trust it but it was some serious buying to cause such a strong counter-rally.
Just glad we don't hold positions right now. The waiting game continues and the bait is still waiting to be taken, maybe,
评论: sorry . Right idea Mr Bond. wrong Pussy. That was wrong chart and comment. sorry for confusion
评论: ETH Eth is struggling, grinding higher but no big green candles.
And while this struggles Dash has done it right with a break from key support after breaking hearts all weekend, rinsing out weak bulls and now breaking like a good break should do. So Here is Dash chart . Please check it. Do not give your heart to 1 stock. They are not girlfriends.You need to be seeing Dash USD, ETHUSD, BCHUSD and BTCUSD for now. Four fabulous money making machines. if one isn't doing it at that moment 2 others probably will be. Don't overcrowd your head with need to focus on just a few and play them until they're exhausted and then move on to the next. Smaller fry have ridiculous spreads but all kinds of pump and dumpers on their tails. These trades and set-ups are in cryptos with reasonable spreads ...for you to consider your options. So many to choose from. Try to focus and if anyone wants a chart looking at of a crypto with reasonable spreads that we can all trade, please submit a request.

评论: Back to ETHUSD
The break is Ok still, grinding away but with pin bars everywhere. It should make it to the 477-484 range but is likely to struggle in this range. Look to take profits here, not bad from original 446 entry on lows of the day - so long as the upside is now hit. Move stop up to 465 now. 7% return perhps on a dull Sunday is not too bad. Especially if you geared up on the first trade.
评论: Raise stop 469. Tracking a support line under the rally. Can be used as an exit if it breaks below it. It's got within a point or so of target and getting tired
评论: Remains Of The Day
Well we got in on the lows and then there was 2 ways to play from there....take profits at the dividing line for 14 points or so or play on. The idea was to use the 14 points to gear up and run the second long from a few points under the line, or over, depending on profile (old bull young bull thing) ...well both was labored andgrinding but the green cabdle was good, see chart. It however failed 1 point under the minimum target so then urged stops or to use the little dynamic underpinning the day's rally as an exit. It didn't yield much - 5% minimum maybe but it was an OK trade, especially if you geared up. A 5% return on capital on a quiet Sunday is Ok. Not stellar, there's always a prettier girl next door. No !. you can go out 4 of them at the same time. At treat 'em mean too! That is just a joke, OK. What isn't aret the returns we can make on a weekend. This is better than Internet v1. This is just the opportunity to compound money faster than has EVER been possible before. BCH up 15% to 20% today alone. We got most of that too. And Dash, the 4th of 4 girls you need to be dating full-on, was the biggest disappointment of the lot having looked so good on the initial break...butt it's still up 110% on our buy price of 24 days ago. Are we not lucky to be living in this amazing moment? Thanksgiving. remember that? God Bless the USA. And your crazy President. Stay lucky, y'all

ETH is still Ok for a small risk bet from here - a buy at 467 if seen with a stop at 464.

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