ETHUSD $10,000 in August 2018?

If you look at the forecast I did for BTCUSD and ETHBTC you will see how this fits. I don't think ETH will claim its slot at #1 this year, but I do think it will touch it. Time will tell.

I can elaborate and show origins for some of these trend lines if anyone is interested. Otherwise I'll just leave it at this.

Zooming in to the 1H we can see how Ether is interacting with this trend line. Its showing good consistent support, confirming its validity and utility as a fore caster.

In the short term it is likely that Ether will drop below this line. If it does, I see it as a good opportunity to accumulate.

Ether Riding the same trend line over a year ago. 12/2016 - 3-2017

Here is the big picture.
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JsphCrpntr DavidSanchez
@DavidSanchez, Care to elaborate? :)
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