So, now the crowd will realize it can not only grow but fall too?
Beware! These last investors are not very professional and thats why basics of the modern market may work very well here! Who's got the experience - could success here ;)
literally me. FML.
Same point I've been making for awhile in the BTCUSD idea comments. Once the news went mainstream on BTC (and by extension cryptos that are influenced by interest in it) it would behave more like a stock for awhile, because it was stock-type investors (and probably not seasoned ones) who were jumping in for the final drive up at the end and they will behave the way they always do. All the usual FOREX technicals can become unreliable, and instead you look at it as boom & bust. Your chart looks like a stock correction to me.

Drives home one big lesson of investing no matter what you are putting your money into; things act like they did in the past... until they don't. ;)

Another way to say it is, volume (and who that volume is from) matters. Maybe that's not usually as big an axiom in FOREX, but in the equities markets it's everything.

Good idea comment.
BUY the TOP, SELL the LOW..... :D
Hey there, I am the so called noob, bought in at $350.
But I am in no panic here, I am in for long run. Had I played with margin, it will be all lost.
@mings88, thats normal, don't worry. I'm just calling for sentiment of the crowd here.
Setting buys at $100 then?
What do you mean by "could success here"? Are you going to bet on eth at 220s? Or could it go lower, and when do you think it'll shoot up again? There's so much seller resistance right now, Im trying to figure out if the Elliot curve has hit the C wave, or if the trend has reversed
i enjoyed reading this chart thanks :D
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