BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS

aUNI_v2 $5,669,961
aWETH_v2 $5,190,824
ALCX $646,304
*ERN $385,747
*OVR $339,575
*LON $292,767
*CVX $246,630
DERC $218,000
RARE $208,858
1INCH $202,180


DFYN -$805,227
MASK -$785,880
aWBTC_v2 -$664,402
EDEN -$585,874
GRT -$214,860
DOG -$185,579
BOSON -$163,199
FRAX -$159,676
UST -$96,347
CTX -$75,798


币种 人均买入数量 人均卖出数量 人均净买入数量
ETH 7 8 -1
SHIB 1,5720,9086 1,2000,0004 +3720,9082
MANA 1602 / +1602
USDC 4416 1272 +3144
CHZ 2964 1,0000 -7036
ENJ 348 / +348
BAT 287 / +287
STORJ 120 / +120
STARL 413,5850 / +413,5850
KNC 77 / +77


币种 人均持有量(上次扫描) 人均持有量(本次扫描) 人均持仓变化
ETH 3,7024 3,7024 +0.0
SHIB 74,4244,2191 74,4244,2191 +0.0
OKB 1,9496 1,9496 +0.0
CRO 127,6170 124,5170 -3,1000.0
WBTC 4 4 +0.0
HOT 1787,3119 1785,0119 -2,3000.0
USDC 16,6645 16,7064 +419.0
LINK 6530 6420 -110.0
BEST 21,1735 21,1735 +0.0
BTR 66,9886 66,9886 +0.0



(1) @Coin98 Insights 与2021-11-02 16:17:46发布了:

Ethereum Network Service is a decentralised naming application for Web3 username & profile. They just announced their airdrop for early users and contributors, which can be claimed after a week from now. Let's have a look at the one-page summary of ENS! #OnePage $ENS

(2) @Binance 与2021-11-02 10:50:27发布了:

#Binance Completes the Fifth Round of APENFT $NFT Airdrop Distribution to TRON $TRX, BitTorrent $BTT, and JUST $JST Holders


(1) @Pundi X Labs 与2021-11-02 14:02:00发布了:

We will kick off Liquidity Mining Farm for @Uniswap V3 #PUNDIX-#ETH pair liquidity providers! 77,777 $PUNDIX will be available for eligible participants to grab from 9:00 am GMT+8 on 12 Nov to 9:00 am GMT+8 on 11 Dec 2021.


(1) @Perpetual Protocol | We're hiring! 与2021-11-02 13:02:18发布了:

@ydrazine @zmann8531 @SushiSwap It's on testnet, 1 gwei for the gas price is enough.


(1) @Solanium 与2021-11-02 14:22:46发布了:

We are excited to announce our next IDO @ProjectSeedGame ! Announcing ProjectSEED IDO Guidelines Project Page: Guidelines: #SolanaSummer #Metaverse

(2) @The Sandbox 与2021-11-02 13:25:38发布了:

We're thrilled to announce @TheSandboxGame Series B of $93M led by Softbank Vision Fund 2, the very first they do in crypto assets … Join our community to be part of this fantastic journey. A thread below

(3) @Ribbon Finance 与2021-11-02 13:16:24发布了:

Today, we are super excited to announce Ribbon Treasury — a new product line that helps DAO treasuries generate yield on their native assets

(4) @Treasure 与2021-11-02 13:09:25发布了:

We are excited to announce full decentralization of the Treasure project! Beginning this week, the project will be fully controlled by the DAO of staked $MAGIC holders. All revenue from the Treasure market will also go directly to the DAO

(5) @Coinbase 与2021-11-02 12:21:13发布了:

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of @AgaraLabs, an AI-powered support platform with operations in India and the US, to enhance our customer support with powerful machine learning technology.


(1) @Rocket Vault ($RVF) 与2021-11-02 15:32:17发布了:

8 major revenue streams & counting .. 50% of the platform revenue to be used to burn $RVF STAKE $RVF to get allocation to projects incubated under #RocketXLabs As the platform adoption increases, $RVF is going to be very precious #CeDeFi #Skyscanner #Crypto

(2) @CRYPTO₿IRB 与2021-11-02 13:00:00发布了:

Imo there are a few factors making $RVF solid e.g. RocketX to support cross chain swaps or token transfers (release in Nov) or their incubator RocketX Labs adding utility to the token with half of revenue going for burn. Not bad @RocketVault_, not bad at all.