Bull Beast Ded? WTF!?

LOL. Almost threw up when I just woke up to this shit. Must be a joke or something. How does that not look like blatant manipulation? What sort of move is that suppose to be? Bahahahaha- Well, let´s see what happens... Channellus Bullus is def broken on that 2h. Can´t believe this bearcrap.
评论: Zoomed out chart + Possible target for new lows added
评论: 4h chart added (breakdown confirmed)
评论: Still hodling strong? 4h + possible support added
评论: Beartarp!? Daily chart added
Dunno, but I can´t help to get the feeling that this was just a big beartarp. there was just way too much support down here. The daily just looks way too bullish as well...

Still hodling surprisingly strong here... The 4h proposes 0.020525 to be a possible last strong support, that might have prevented a harsh dump so far.

As expected also the 4h confirms break of the bull channel.. Prolly going down hard shortly!

khun khun
A bittersweet smell of crash is in the air...
Waiting for new 4h now...
Zoomed out it gets reaaly messy.... It fell back into the LinReg200 (white lines) which suggests new lows in the 1300s...

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