EURAUD Buy at bottom

FX:EURAUD   欧元/澳元
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Hi fellows, If price hold the bottom then buy. In case price breakdown then it will change the pattern and structure.
Jan 12
评论: Showing some nice price action on lower time frame...........
Jan 13
评论: Price holding bottom trend line buy on lows and use reasonable stop loss......
Jan 16
评论: Hi fellows, Price showing some nice price action at the bottom watch for strong breakout here is the update..............
Jan 17
评论: We may see impulse very soon.........
Jan 22
评论: Price still in the structure i am still long on it nothing has changed on this pair fellows.........
Feb 09
Feb 14
Feb 17
评论: Watch for breakout fellows.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 21
评论: anticipating longer term change in trend.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Mar 04
Any update on this?
is there a way to tell if it consolidates a little more and move back down into the channel instead of breaking out? thanks
your wave study is amazing..!!!! I learn a lot ...!!! thank u very much..!!!!
@Wave-Trader dude thanks but what do you mean by reasonable sl?
what kind of wave trading is this without labelling them, as i know wave trading is what Elliot invented it
sorry for saying this but
i don't know about others but i am not here to someone else's idea, i am here to learn something and if you are PRO in Elliot wave so please label it cause I am big fan of Elliot wave and i am here to learn to how Experts like you sir labelling them

Don't get me wrong sir, if you are really Expert in Understanding and identifying waves so please label them cause i followed you because of your name
Thank you
please don't get me wrong I am a beginner like once you was one day and thirsty to learn the Game
Wave-Trader AliSeenaJohn
@AliSeenaJohn, No worry at all mate. we use use classic approach and waves approach ya. we do not use only Elliot Waves. If you dont know about classic chart patterns approach then google it ya.
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AliSeenaJohn Wave-Trader
@Wave-Trader, wooow thats awsome i just googled it and i found a good book that i always searched for it and never found it
thanks alot sir
Gurj AliSeenaJohn
@AliSeenaJohn, Do you mind sharing name of the book...?! ;)
@Gurj, Trading Classic chart Patterns by Thomas N Bolkuwaski
free on google
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