EURCHF up move

FX:EURCHF   欧元/瑞郎
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The EURCHF is in a consolidation, this structure could have 3 or 5 waves in it. If it's 3 wave then I am expecting a breakout . If its a 5 wave structure then i'll be buying from the low .

Follow me for more update on this and more .
评论: Recording of my yesterday's webinar

This is what i am looking for
maybe its time to post an update here :)

looks like today could have been the day you have been waiting for as you said in one of your webinars. When EUR/CHF begins his long journey!
What time frame are you using?
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there's a trade here for sure. patience is key.
I do not recommend short unless it makes an impulse and corrects! I am expecting a correction after the breakout, if I get the correction i will be looking to buy !!!
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anilmangal anilmangal
That is an impulse down!
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Hiisham anilmangal
hey,So when should we Open a Buy Order,I have already a buy position opened . !
Double top and MM is trapping long traders, wait for the stop hunt and then go short.
This pair looks ready to fall.Though I believe it to be Bullish long term.
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It will consolidate
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after it breaks out we have to wait for consolidation to buy right? or we jump at the break?
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