(2h) EURGBP Short

FX:EURGBP   欧元/英镑
181 7
I am now short on this pair. I have already entered but here is another good entry point.

Place stops above channel.

Red arrows do not predict exact price or time. Only direction.
评论: I've readjusted my channel on this pair. It's slightly off. Anyone using this idea for their own trades should also make sure they adjust their channel slightly. But the general idea is still valid.
交易结束:到达止损: Hit my SL. Idea is invalidated. Opened a long upon break of dotted line in case we continue in last weeks channel that we just re-entered. Will set stop to BE and see what happens.

Remember kids. Always have a plan' B
评论: (Opening new shorts under white dotted line, too.

Crazy pair and will only act crazier on friday. Maybe best to wait until monday for more consistent action.
I love how you see the chart !!!! I fall in love !!!!
Renforex sanmed02
I love you too buddy ;D Haha
420snoop Renforex
here is an example of what i was saying friendo ;) burn /something/ 4 me if this makes u cash
420snoop 420snoop
whoops meant to reply to my own comment lol
Renforex 420snoop
Hopefully it works for you! :D
I suggest using some down trending gann squares from the highest point on the monthly, it is showing a lot of S/R in this area. if we get a significant move up lots of room to grow imo.
Missed first entry, but not too late to join euro bears.
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