EURJPY: Bullish Bat Pattern With Better Entry

FX:EURJPY   欧元/日元
Wanted to share with you one of the trades I got involved in after yesterday’s ECB reaction. It’s a bullish bat pattern on the EURJPY             which is now offering a slightly better entry. Just my opinion of course but I think the best place for stops is beneath the 1.3300 even handled psychological number. Yes it opens you up to a little more risk, but as we saw with last weeks $EURUSD trade (Which smashed through second targets yesterday) sometimes having a little extra protection makes it worth it. Your call of course follow your rules

Also if you missed it yesterday check out my latest Trading Video over at youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnGT7YuGvhI The reaction to this week’s video has been MASSIVE as I go on a great rant about the 3 Steps to changing your trading future as well as a breakdown of a simple pattern trade on the GBPUSD             .

I’m trying to reach 15,000 subscribers by 2016 so it would be a BIG help if you became a subscriber or at least shared the word with your trading buddies. Of course that’s only if you like the content.

Have a good weekend traders and Syndicate members I’m going to try and give you guys a quick video this morning before heading out of town.


Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analyst at Trade Empowered
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Tier One Trading Royale Ball
Nice setup. Thanks for sharing. I had this on my chart but didn't act on it.

Currently watching this Alt Bat. Hasn't reached completion just yet.

Based on what I see (although still learning) is that price action has passed through structure highlighted in pink. The Alt Bat completes close to a 2.0 AB extension and the 0.382 CD target is within minor structure at 134.15

Im still holding on my the skin of my teeth. Price came within 2 pips of my stop loss@132.90..
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Nice, i'm pulling for you man!
rozela99 Akil_Stokes
Thanks this trade has really tested me. I just keep walking away from computer. I even unistalled my brokers app from phone.
rozela99 rozela99
Now im stopped out
ahh sorry to hear that. Still when it goes in your journal it should have "good trade" next to it
Koryphaeen Akil_Stokes
Yes, I agree with you all, this was a nerve killing and teeth crunching trade... this is a good example for "PA always could go lower"...when you think that bearish momentum is exhausted...
we have two patterns
Alt Bat and ABCD
long whit small stop


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Milad.Trader Milad.Trader

Koryphaeen Milad.Trader
In Alt Bat pattern shouldn't AB leg complete at the 0.382 retracement level of XA leg?
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