EURNZD (Bat Pattern and Ending Diagonal) -1h Chart

Bat Pattern confirmations:
- A-B must touch 0.5, but cannot touch 0.618
- B-C must touch 0.618, but cannot exceed A (FIbo A-B) or just keep an eye on that 0.236
- D completion at 0.886 (Fibo X-A)
- Take profits at 0.382 and 0.618 (Fibo A-D)
- Third TP would be long term back to where it all started

Ending Diagonal confirmations:
- 5 clear points
- 2 clear consolidations
- 0 to 1 same distance as 4 to 5
- Double top at point 5

Daily analysis of EURNZD at related ideas (scroll down)
Good Trading. -1h Chart
评论: Bat Pattern extended to an Alternate Bat Pattern been 1.13 D completion where it made a clear resistance, there's also a Cypher Pattern been formed with some confirmations:
Cypher Pattern:
- A to B must touch 0.382 but cannot exceed 0.618
- B to C must touch 1.272 but cannot close below 1.414 (Trend-Based Fib Extension)
- C to D must touch 0.786 of X to C
- First TP at 0.618 of D to C (Fibonacci)
- Second TP at 0.382 of D to C (Fibonacci)
- Third TP would be back to where it all started

We'll have to wait an see if price goes bearish for D completion around 0.786, at that point we can expect some type of consolidation for bullish confirmation around that area.
Good Trading. -1h Chart
评论: Retest at top, bearish zone
Good Trading. -1h Chart
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