EURUSD (Harmonic Pattern's inside Consolidation ) -1h Chart

FX:EURUSD   欧元/美元
There's a strong resistance at this level where several pattern's are colliding for bearish movement
MACD 4C shows divergence and EMA's indicate double top
Good Trading. -1h Chart
Jul 26
交易开始: MACD 4C was correct with divergence and got a bearish impulse right away.
At this point 2nd TP of this Gartley has been completed, we can expect some type of pullback or retracement for bearish continuation or if price is strong it can continue bearish.
Good Trading. - 1h Chart
Jul 26
评论: Third TP reached.
Expect retracement or some type of consolidation
Good Trading. -15min Chart
Jul 30
评论: Bullish retracement has happen and now expect bearish continuation.
Good Trading. -15min Chart
Jul 31
评论: Double Top
Good Trading. -15min Chart
Aug 03
交易结束:到达目标: Trade has been completed.
Good Trading. -1h Chart


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