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As per previous update-"EURUSD--3rd of 3rd Wave--I am looking for EU to top out@1.11855...We should put a stop above 1.1250-A tick above & can look to short...Initially look to book partial in the range 1.1070--1.1080 & re-enter if retraces back but surely it should not cross 1.1250...Going Below Rising Trendline & Swing Low will confirm downside action for safe traders. In current scenario aggressive traders only to take short with stop above 1.1250. In Longer Duration we shall be looking for 1.0350 which will break March 2015 low@1.04...

Regards, Abhishek H.Singh, CMT
交易开始: 21:00 Hrs--5th July 2016-- We have started moving down as expected...we shall look for support in the zone 1.1070--1.1075 but are subdiving at minuete degree so in that case as well we will look 1.1020--1.1025 as support ...we bounce back to re-enter into short trade again.
Current Price--1.1090.
Regards, Abhishek H.Singh, CMT
交易开始: 21:45 Hrs...EURUSD kissed 1.1070...Look for a bounce in the zone 1.1105--1.1125 to re-enter partial. Regards...Rest we shall hold for downside slip. Regards
交易开始: 23:15 Hrs-- EU bounced from 1.1070's to 1.1086...We bounced Half...Rest Half Bounce takes it to 1.1110--1.1125...that is the zone we will look to re-enter in short trades......Regards
交易开始: 06:45 Hrs--6th July 2016--EU went very close to our desired zone of 1.1110-1.1125..Made a high@1.1094...As ex[ected it slipped...Current Rate--1.1050
交易开始: 07:30 Hrs--6th July 2016-- EU very close to the downside desired zone of 1.1020--1.1025...Look for a support & bounce back to 1.1085--1.1100...before falling back again could to the zone 1.0990-1.1000....Regards
评论: 07:30 Hrs--6th July 2016-- Current Price--1.1040
交易开始: 13:50 Hrs--6th July 2016-- We just missed the desired zone downside which was expected 1.1020--1.1025...EU made a low@1.1035...Bounced Back as expected...Current Rate--1.1065...Expecting to Halt in the Zone 1.1085--.1.1100 Before we fall again...Regards, Abhishek
交易开始: 18:15 Hrs--6th July 2016-- Bang On..EU kissed minimum expected lower edge of retracement@1.1085....Makes session high@1.1087....Current Price --1.1075..Let us look for Target Zone 1.1025--1.1030 & below 1.1020...it could go in the zone --1.0990--1.09950...Regards, Abhishek
交易开始: 20:20 Hrs--6th July 2016---Bang On..EU kissed the objective zone--1.1025--1.1030--made session low@1.1029....Vow...Now Bounce Expected in the zone 1.1120--1.1135...once it starts moving above 1.1085...or wait for dip in the same zone 1.1020--1.1030..Regards
交易开始: 20:45 Hrs--6th July 2016-- We will have upside movement in EU only above 1.1095 against last level mentioned as 1.1085 in 20:20 Hrs Update...We are still open for downside objective in the zone 1.09850--1.10000...Regards, Abhishek
评论: 20:48 Hrs--6th July 2016-- Current Price--1.1075.. Regards
交易开始: 08:35 Hrs -7th July 2016--We shall be looking for a bounce in the zone 1.1120--1.1130...which is 61.8% of the fall from 1.1185 to 1.1029...Before we resume downtrend...Trader should participate in downtrend only when EU starts moving below 1.1075 in downward journey..first it has to move in the zone as specified above. Regards, Abhishek
交易开始: 11:20 Hrs--7th July 2016-- EU went to make session 1.1107 felt short of 20 pips as of the desired zone 1.1120--1.1130...Unless EU starts moving below 1.1075 & we should wait to join the downtrend...Regards, Abhishek
交易开始: 18:30 Hrs--7th July 2016--EU..price movement is not giving comfort of going down immediately...Current Price-1.1083...We are still open on upside in the zone 1.1125-1.1135 where it will complete 61.8% retracement of the fall from 1.1185 to 1.1029...Regards, Abhishek
交易开始: 07:30 Hrs--8th July 2016..Good Morning & Welcome to Asian Market Updates--As per latest update on EU- Wedge Action Part-1, Still Open for 1.1125--1.1135 from overnight U.S.Market Updates..B-Wave went deep till 1.1053 but the way it is falling looks very choppy. I won't be surprised if it goes & kisses the zone 1.1155--1.1165 where it will retrace 80% of the fall from 1.1185 to 1.1029...Once Rising Trendline Gets Broken --Safe Traders Can Take Shorting Opportunity As Well. Regards, Abhishek
Best Regards,
Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
​Growth Director - India
| LinkedIn
India Markets-BSE, NSE chat room- https://in.tradingview.com/chat/#b4sFOMIVqPkq8gfQ
I believe that too, EUR shall get stronger. Nice analysis and observation on the wedge, looks like it will reach to "v" levels soon.
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