EURUSD (2618 and Shark Pattern) -4h Chart

FX:EURUSD   欧元/美元
First there was a Deep Crab formation, which was completed by going bullish to previous resistance, after marking higher high it went bearish forming an Ending Channel, at that point I saw divergence, because the entire consolidation made a double floor insdie MACD , which gave us that bullish impulse for D completion of a Shark Pattern.
At D there's a possible Double Top for our 2618 setup:
- double top
- measure impulse
- retracement at 0.618
- TP at -0.27 and -0.618
Double Top + 0.618 = 2618

Take profits for Shark Pattern would be those 3 blue lines, first one is at 0.618 where 0.382 is, second one is at 0.382 where 0 is and third line would be at point C where point 5 of the Ending Channel is (back to where it all started)
Good Trading.
Apr 20
评论: Price made a pretty good resistance at top and went bearish straigth for that -0.27, now I expect some type of consolidation or pullback por bearish continuation.
We can also see how MACD is respecting analysis
Good Trading - 4h Chart
Apr 23
评论: Shark Pattern has been completed!
Price went bearish towards third take profit where -0.618 is
Good Trading. -4h Chart
Apr 23


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