EURUSD**Long for wave v

FX:EURUSD   欧元/美元
Estimated Entry1: $1.169-1.1673
Tp1: $1.18
Tp2: $1.1988-1.2018
Tp3: $1.2198 or $1.2277
评论: 4H chart update:
both support level:$1.169 & resistance$1.79, are crucial. watch carefully on these two level, the trending still up, only problem is the entry. we can use risk management to help trading in this situation.
评论: 4H chart update:
it's still at resistant level now, likely will see some retracement in short term, if holds by support level 1.1745 or trendline, will go north. if go down to test the support level 1.169 again, will possible retrace more dip.
评论: now back to bearish trending in short term, $1.169 possible will be broken out
评论: 4H chart update:
It's very close the support level now, can prepare to buy.
Strategy for day trade:Go long from $1.1865-1.185 for Tp1 $1.194,Tp2 $1.2.