EURUSD - Bearish Shark at 1.18

Had a very quiet week as I was down with the flu.

Now I am slowly recovering and I am looking forward to have a great week!

I am watching how EURUSD unfolds next week.

2 scenarios are likely

1. Price completes the shark pattern and reverses
2. Price reaches the top of the ED channel, struggles and falls

Both are significant and I look forward to see the volume action at these levels before entering my trade.

Tentative levels for the shark short

EP 1.18
SL 1.19 (100)
TP 1.158 (220)
Nov 15
I'll wait for this trendline to be violated before considering whether to short.
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Currently will only blog in mandarin as most of my fans are based in China.
Do you use perfect patterns or include deviations as well?
How does it look to you - are We going to short now?
@TerryHarmonicTrading , i follow you on this pattern
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