eur/$ roadmap for parity - thebanker

the stage is set....
do not be fooled into thinking otherwise, eu is getting smoked
brexit, italian loans, immigration dirving a wege in unity
negative rates stimulus
not a single reason going for the euro

gl and see you bears at the beach club
It's been a wild ride, thanks for playing (bears who joined me).. the downside is coming to an end in the euro and time to change position(s) - do not get married to one side.
1.25 !!!
TheBanker michisuperfreak
@TheBanker, You can still buy :)
What's the address of the beach club? LOL!
Not sure on this one my friend... you might be meeting the bears at the local Gala Bingo instead of the beach club! Not much more the ECB can do other than further cut rates that are already negative, and issue more QE that has now surpassed €1trillion!

Europe also exports more than it imports, meaning demand for the currency isn't likely to fall.

Either way, I hope you're right in terms of EUR weakness because EURGBP strength is killing me financially in the day job!
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FX7606 Mase_00_7
Euro is toast long-term - the question is when will the future arrive - sooner or later? . I think a lot sooner than people contemplate. France votes next spring and probably will hold FREXIT referendum as well. Italian banking sector blowing up. Social/political instability among the most stable partners like Germany from immigration, terrorism etc. Euro running out of solutions but gaining in number of problems.
FX7606 FX7606
For whatever reason, I can't 'star' favorite or give thumbs up approval to your charts either whether under UK or US version of TradingView.
your ideas aren't posted on the old tradingview, hence the low view/like count... had to access your idea specifically from my Email notifications lol.
interesting.. I did not know this manipulation was going on thanks for informing me
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