e.FX(EURUSD), Week's Range, Cloned Fibonacci Retracements

FX:EURUSD   欧元/美元
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After a couple of weeks of consecutive downward drop-downs, we might finally observe an awaited reversion pattern in the EURUSD fx rate. On the present chart I try to draw the following predicting properties:

1. Multi-Time Period Charts, Time Frame: Weekly, Calculation: Trading range
- This is a very nice and simple way to see the overall tendency observed during past weeks' market development.

2. Fibonacci retracement for past week (T-1)
- Where 0 level is last week's range bottom fx level (trading range);
- Where 1 level is last week's range top fx level (trading range);
- Where we project Fibonnaci retracement levels respectively for the following ranges: (0<fx<1), (fx>1), and (fx<0)

NB! Since my personal outlook is for an upward correction in the fx rate for EURUSD , I expect that Fibonacci levels for the fx rate range (0<fx<1) would be tested until the end of that week, and possibly we may go above Fibonnaci fx level (fx>1). For possible falter-check-downs of the fx rate we have considered Fibonnaci fx rate levels for the range (fx<0)

3. For better analytical back-up, considering past week's (T-2), we clone the Fibonnaci retracement considered for past week (T-1). We adjust that Fibonacci retracement at the bottom fx level (trading range) for past week (T-2), and consider the projected extensions of its retracement levels.

Cheers and good luck.
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