Monday is the day...

FX:EURUSD   欧元/美元
Either Rise or Fall on Monday Morning......Monday might be the day.....
It will Fall Further...

That is the price chart saying......that wasn't me!...the "chart" said so.....

Key levels for sell-off with slight of rise on eastern market opening 1.1138 - 1.1156
评论: the (X) might have been fixed on its position.
If nothing change, wave (Y) is in play.....lower should it go.
评论: We should have entered the 'X' Zone...some pullback or sideways. As the W counted to be complete.
Exit as U wish....
Re-Entry Short on the highest pullback. Time for some Cigar & Coffee now....
评论: Either finish or not for the (x) wave, the RSI has shown another Selling Pressure which about to blown.
If there is any rise, it wont go too high within this level.
评论: 2 Wave counts in Play. Either Fall directly on w-x-y
one more rebound as a-b-c
评论: Whole 2 days is 'FLAT'
still the same.....prepare for another Dive.
Dive! Dive! Dive!
评论: 'Final' Sell Off should be on the way.
All Fib, accumulated at 1.0930s zone, as terminus.
Cautions for shorty's....
评论: updated GPS map on M5, who knows u guys might got lost in the "Jungle of Candles".....
评论: Triangle ending..??
评论: Bounce.....either an X in the middle of weekly Bear trend....or ....resume of a Bull Trend.
in the medium term....Its Pointing UPWARD.

might be already started to Pull Up....or wait for one more low for 'c' of (E) of X.
If this is the 1st cycle of Bull trend...mostly known with 78.6% retracement of. the dip...???

评论: 2 wave counts in play.
About to finish for the uprise.
Slight...or...Deeper Pullback.
评论: Alternate count for Slight Pullback....
Green Wave Counts will represents an Zigzag formation with a wedging C.
How deep is it for the pullback..?? the best gauge is to watch the RSI....

评论: Highly...the Expanded Flat a-b-c is in play....
Follow the Five's...
No sign of RSI divergence for the Bull to came back at present level.
Lower is to be expected....
0993 > 127.2%
or deeper to 161.8% as pivot.

评论: Divergence is in place.
Be Ready..!!

评论: As the wave evolve, New Low were created. Abandoning an Flat formation.

This new developement help us to determine for one conclusion....Giant Bear is Back!
More downwards will be on the way.

Side ways ....(expecting Triangle 'y' completing the X)
direct Fall Out... for next week.

Have a Good Week End....Cheers!

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