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Post Brexit EU travelled in very complex manner but still we managed to get 345+ pips running profit. The Fall from 1.1428 to 1.0911 on Brexit Day was scary & everyone started thinking that EU is going down deep but unfortunately financial instruments never move in straight line otherwise every one of us would have been a millionaire by now. Hope so this dream comes true for most of us in years ahead. Let us cut this emotional talk & come across the EU movement.
In my short term updates- we managed to get 345+ pips running profit shown in blue oval shapes in between EU travel course.

2 Red Arrows shown tell us the importance of a concept call "Polarity Reversal"- in technical analysis (Polarity Reversal- Support Turns Resistance & Vice -Versa)....which a trader should keep in their arsenal & use it like "Brahmastra(check the meaning out by Wikipedia)- Weapon created by Lord Brahma"(As per Hindu God)....

How I Used ...
The red trendline was running upside ...On brexit day we breached this upside trendline made a low@1.0911 & post-brexit -EU bounced in 3-Wave Sequence A-B-C ( C-Wave was our wedge wave) this C-wave ended exactly on the trendline--post that we had impulsive fall & we got our 1st scoop of 120 pips till 1.1025 ...

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Abhishek H.Singh, CMT
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Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
​Growth Director - India
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Thank You Sir (Josegarglex)...For Your 1st Hit...Regards, Abhishek
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