FB Earning gap to 0.618?

FB just got CRUSHED after the market closed yesterday on it earning report.
Interesting enough, the price it's falling to the 0.618 retracement of the previous rally.
That will be very important to see how it react to the 0.618 spot.

Still so many people without the access to pre or after market trading, will be super active when it opens today.
So not really want to be a brave to catch the falling knife without further confirmations.
While it also not too crazy to try to wait for good intraday reversal signs to take this 0.618 long.

Let's see how it goes!
Jul 26
评论: 1st possible intraday bullish setup was this inside 5 yo!

It's kinda embarrassing to see so many typos in this idea lol.
like on"its" earning report, how it "reacts", and "it's" also not too crazy...

A demonstration of how busy I am recently hahaha
Jul 31
Inside day after earnings yo!
Aug 06
评论: Nice confirmation entry with the inside day breakout and got the 1st kick yo!!
Aug 08
The opposite side of the 0.618 retracement would be very important for this trade to take profit before 200.00 fig yo!
Good job m8. :) Thanks, cheers.
Trader_Joe_Lee WilliamFiltzpatrick
@WilliamFiltzpatrick, You are welcome bro!
This is very impressive. What do you think about the FB for next 3 month before the earning call? Will up or stay under 180?
@cleanairact,Thanks for your appreciation!
while I don't have the crystal ball for the market so I'll honestly tell you that I don't know if it'll go up or stay under 180 at all ~
Regard to this 0.618 retracement, I'll look for potential opportunity carefully to establish long position with proper out on each trade!
I'll start to be bearish if it breaks 150.00 fig though~
cleanairact Trader_Joe_Lee
@Trader_Joe_Lee, Thank you Joe. I am a beginner - you posted a lot of good material and I am reading every single of them. Thank you for the comment!
Whew!! You dodged a bullet. Nice work.
Trader_Joe_Lee RogueTrader11
@RogueTrader11, Thanks yo!
Trader_Joe_Lee BernhardAnalytics
@BernhardAnalytics, Fibonacci!!
nice work
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