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As this is my first chart i want to map the correlation between FCT and XMR's hype with the chinese BTC spot market at OKCoin.

As you can see the DNM market announcements gave XMR a very huge boom, the retracement isn't done yet - regardless to BTCs price we will have a decrease, with some smaller spikes.

In the same time FCT made nearly similar moves, in the beginning more aggressive but then we saw full retracements - especially in the timeframe from June-July related to BTCs moves - but always a bit later on.

As we are now in BTC sideways (19.9.2016) and probably have another correction till mid or end October, I assume FCT to achieve it's ATH from March 2016 again.

When will it happen? As XMRs correction passes FCTs uptrend - around the 500-600% scale we will have a very good opportunity to get to ATH .

FCTs forecast? Depends mainly on BTCs trend. It could form a cup and handle formation, but yet it's too early to say and pure speculation. Will update the chart at least every month.

Put the fun back into banking!
Yours coinwide
评论: Edit:

FCTs absolute ATH was 0.00869200 --- but effective ATH was at 0.00839600
评论: Chart data from
评论: FCT - are the candlestick patterns
XMR - red line
BTC/CNY - orange line
评论: I forgot to mention FCTs boom - it was the announcement that chinese firm Aucun will use Factom for it's notarization processes:
评论: edit: XMR and FCT crossing scale in the 600-700%
评论: more Bulls got in after 488 dump and we saw a Bollinger Bands breakout to the 550er

timeframe till at least mid-October will be very fine :)
评论: this week we saw some heavy dumps but nevertheless I am long FCT;

if my chart assumption of an inverse FCT/XMR is right, we will see a good run up;
FCTs inverse reaction is, as observed a bit slow, expecting next days a high to 525-535
评论: correction - will get to 528-550 area
评论: This was the final dump - BTC got up a bit within the channel (619-578 USD is mine);
next step is a slow decrease to 600 level (likely with some small runups), a bit of sideways and then a quick BTC dump

My FCT Targets are:

1. 660
2. 750
3. ??? could outperform to 0.01 - 0.012 :)
交易结束:到达止损: omg, sorry wasn't online for a while and forgot to close

was a bad trading chart - stop loss reached
nice share, thanks! for novice ppl like me... when Sell when re-Buy?

sell at 0,0086 ?
coinwide juniooor
Thx juniooor, a good entry point is in the 520-540er zone; even till the 600er you can gain a good profit.

After observing several Cup*n Handles I would expect it not to reach the effective ATH, but rather to reach 50-70% lower, which would equal to a sub 800er zone.
juniooor coinwide

M2 could be released this week? where can go the price? 300% ? I read in reddit some people is waiting to sell at 0.01
coinwide juniooor
as Factom audits take alsong they are conviced; the M2 release could take several weeks more; but as you can see in the chart we have an inverse trend to the XMR... just wait for further correction;

still i am remaining to my previous post that we nearly reach effective ATH - but who knows what FOMOs make ;)
juniooor coinwide
I appreciate your time and answers, Im learning to look at charts, ask and so small tests.
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coinwide juniooor
here you get a better view of the possible upcoming

juniooor coinwide
Omg! more than 140% , we just wait some more time. If I want to get an additional 10% profit, I sell at 0,012 and re buy , is it too risk? a coin always has a correction
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