GBPAUD Big fall is Due

Hi there, Dont miss this trade. Watch 4hr flag and sell the breakout. Remember if we see small bullish waves for upside those will not change the bigger structure. We will remain bearish for longer term on GBPAUD .

Good Luck. Support the idea with your like and comments.
评论: Watch this breakout

You are doing it again sir. Exactly like you did for EURUSD around 1.08.
WHY do you think GBPAUD will go down to 1.55? WHY? Because of what ?
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judgecannon sinakhan98
@sinakhan98, It won't, probably go to 1.7100
sinakhan98 judgecannon
@judgecannon, No I just mean the reason is as important as the movement itself because it help us learning about price movement and future trading. That was what I actually meant by that sir.
I dont know, maybe Im wrong but Im little bit anti-arrows without explanations :-)

Otherwise I did this back in december 2017 and Im not talking about being right or wrong sir. I mean there is an explanation behinde the chart and the waves:

Thank you sir for your work!
RadekDoro sinakhan98
@sinakhan98, :D dont u see that?
Fibonacci + strong impulse that breaks the Support line.
sinakhan98 RadekDoro
@RadekDoro, :-)
yes but seriously that was my point. I like charts when ppl add some technical or fundamental stuff into the chart so I can learn new things. My point is NOT to judge or question other traders views, ideas or analysis. I just mean its much better if ppl put little bit more work to explain things. Arrows are not good enough in my opinion. Thats all!
looks bullish today
thank you sir
nice idea sir
Thank u for the update my guy!
Thanks dear also you have mentioned that in your youtube channel. I see the same story with GBP/USD a big fall and will continue falling.
Always appreciate your study and analysis
Kind regards,
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