GBPJPY 0.618 and inside 4hr combination long opportunity!

FX:GBPJPY   英镑/日元
GBPJPY just retraced to its 0.618 spot, and will probably give an inside 4hr.
I'll be interesting in the breakout long as a confirmation entry.

One bad part of this trade is it'll be fighting against the gap, but in terms of 0.618,
I usually don't really care that much about "how it get to the 0.618 spot".
So I'm still willing to take this trade yo!

Let's see how it goes!
交易开始: broke to the upside yo!
let's go!
Got the 1st kick!!
Nice run yo~
Happiness came all of a sudden lol.
Took some off at TP2 and 147.25

put the rest out below 145.90 hourly pivot to trail!

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