GBPJPY This pair is at nice sell place

FX:GBPJPY   英镑/日元
7134 80
I am expecting short under trend line . In case price break up then i will look for change in pattern and structure.
评论: Hi fellows, please be patient here is the update and level which price can test.
评论: I am still short on it also price showing some nice price action on lower time frame. we have seen impulse on 1hr time frame if price break that impulse up and violate that impulse then we will look for new impulse.
评论: Price still in the structure here is the update clear breakup will change the pattern and structure.
评论: Price holding top watch for breakdown if price do not breakdown those who are in the short they can close on break even and look for sell again from top.
评论: price bounced back from the pattern line but price still in t the pattern i am still expecting price gonna fall to the downside
@mette, It broke the daily trend line and is no more valid to go short i goes
Thanks bro for the update
Hopefully it will go down but this trade had been hit "SL" several times according to your charts. Furthermore it has still chance to move uptrend.

Tested 0.618 - Nice entry price!
@StanLeee, there was flag which was broken to the upside ya and it can further push up and may form new high so careful mate
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StanLeee Wave-Trader
@Wave-Trader, Thanks for caring, Sir!
any update on this? as it has made new structure.
@hash, Bigger wave gonna come to the downside mate.
hash Wave-Trader
@Wave-Trader, Thanks sir.
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