GBPUSD 4HR - 500 Pips of Selling Opportunity Part 3

FX:GBPUSD   英镑/美元
Hey, Traders just wanted to follow up with you guys once again on the $GBPUSD. This has been a pair that I've been tracking for the past week or so and thus far we've been dead on in our predictions. Although there may not be 500 pips worth of opportunity left, we have created a new structure low and another pullback can offer up to 300pips of potential downside action before reaching a level that i would consider too risky to continue selling at.

On the chart above you'll notice a few multi-color boxes. The lighter red box represents the technical zone in which price can retrace too before invalidating the current bearish move, while the darker zone would be the ideal entry area for a longer term trader. Obviously for a day trader you can look for opportunities at a much lower level and with much more frequency.

The green boxes represent where I think price can go to before we start to experience more buying pressure. The lighter green box is the bigger zone, while the darker green box represents the first area of major structure on the higher timeframe.

Last week was an AMAZING WEEK and I'm looking to carry that momentum into this one as well with this being the number 1 pair on my watchlist.

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EVERTON GOT A WIN TODAY!!! & The Sixers have been playing well = Me Very Happy!


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hi Akil, it looks like opportunity not valid anymore?
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@miltaz, I would agree
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Hi Akil- It crossed the dark red zone. Where do you think it will stop around ? any ideas ?
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Akil_Stokes Alexander786
@Alexander786, If we're going to see a continued bearish move then we should stay within the red box that i have drawn out. if not there's a good chance we can retest previous structure highs
Thankyou for great prediction
Really love your idea :)
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Akil_Stokes JayyaOnsomkrit
@JayyaOnsomkrit, Thank you!
Great to see you are inching towards bigger predictions (pipwise) you are usually right and on point but I always wonder why you don't do so for even larger timeframes... which are in my view certainly easier and firm in terms of patterns (which I'm certain you know and probably you trade that way), maybe it is because you have to cater for audiences that have to be guided through the trickier day to day trading, which is a lot of work. Great work.
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@KeTrader, Thanks, Actually I've always been a longer term trader. I think the reason I get labeled as a "day trader" is because I run a live trading room. But the Daily & 4 hour charts are where I spend most of my time
Hi Akil liked your update.
Haven't seen you r you tube vids in the last week or so.
Is that because your doing TIER 1 NOW?
Have a good week...
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@docjackal, Thanks. Yes I've still been putting out youtube videos each week. There's a link to my channel below the idea description. Make sure you subscribe and put your notifications on, that way you won't miss them in the future.
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