GU: Highlight before big event

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Here are the big questions for markets and investors this week

Bank of England policymakers will next Thursday raise the central bank’s key interest rate for the first time in a decade.

That, at least, is the expectation in interest-rate futures markets which have been steered in that direction by the communication from BoE officials. The minutes of the September meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee ( MPC ) gave a strong signal that it intends to raise interest rates as inflation rises and the economy confounds the worst post Brexit predictions.

The possibility of a move by the MPC poses interesting questions for the pound which should, in theory, benefit from an interest rate rise. However, strategists and investors point out that any rate rise will come amid some signs that the UK economy is slowing, so if officials do move this week, they may keep it at one rate rise.

Economists expect the BoE to embark a slow pace of rate rises but add that “the most important risk to our ‘cycle of hikes’ view remains that of Brexit, where a continuation of fractious negotiations over the coming years could hamper investment and consumer spending well before the date of Brexit itself

However since then, we’ve heard Carney say inflation is likely to have peaked in October. A hike could wait until December, but many investors believe the hike will happen in November because it will be accompanied by a Quarterly Inflation Report and a press conference that gives Carney the opportunity to explain the change and manage the market’s future expectations.

If the BoE hikes, it would be wildly positive for sterling and could take the currency up. Sterling will still rise if they leave rates unchanged but strongly suggest that a hike is coming in December but if they leave rates steady and suggest that a hike could still be a few meetings away, we could see GBP/USD hit down.

BoE announcement will be particularly difficult to trade because aside from hike or no hike,
评论: check calendar, please

BoE MPC Meeting Minutes
Gov Carney Speaks
评论: Attention: 50 minutes
评论: Attention: 5 minutes
评论: BOC rate hike
bank rate 0.5% vs 0.25% prev
QE unch at £435bln
corp bond target at 10bln
评论: BoE Raises Rates From 0.25% To 0.50%
-BoE MPC Vote 7-2
评论: GBPUSD falling as inflation outlook and minutes show dovish tones still
评论: BOE minutes and inflation report also out
Bias: Neutral
Growth Forecast: Stronger near-term / weaker further out
Inflation Forecast: Higher near-term / back toward 2% further out
Brexit: Focused on smooth transition

- 7-2 to raise rates 25bps to 0.50%
- Cunliffe and Ramsden voted to keep rates on hold
- 9-0 for unchanged QE at GBP435B; Corporate bond-buys GBP10B
- Two more hikes seen over forecast horizon, to bring inflation back to target
- MPC see inflation peaking in October 2017 at just over 3%
- Growth seen averaging 0.4% per quarter over the forecast horizon
- Outlook for inflation and activity broadly similar to August
- Business investment continues to grow but hurt by Brexit uncertainty in real terms
- Remains considerable risks to the outlook, due to Brexit developments

GBPUSD falling as inflation outlook and minutes show dovish tones still
评论: wait an reversing
评论: The pound was on the back foot into the BOE decision but tumbled another cent on the headlines, touching 1.3098 at the lows before bouncing modestly.

The statement removed a line saying more hikes could be needed than markets expect in a dovish signal along with a line saying future increases will be limited and gradual.

It's the first hike in 10 year in the UK but it looks like it will also be the last one for awhile. The signal from the language is toward maybe one hike next year and one hike in 2019.

For cable, support at the October 26 low is 1.3068 along with the October low of 1.3027. If those give way, it might be right back to the August doldrums or worse.
评论: already expected that they would hike, so no surprise. It's called 'buying the rumour, selling the fact'
评论: GBP is back down near the lows of the day at 1.3068 after bouncing to 1.3133.

The story right now is more the US dollar side as the jibber-jabber from the tax plan takes us all into the spin zone.
评论: reverse?
What do u expect now from gu? Do u waiting for reverse bull candle or continue sell?
@fzl_btc, I think GU will reverse, but note that friday's day of Non-farm (USD) , due to now I suggest we should observe view and wait it. Because this is definitely strength of USD and relationship with GBP

I will offer my analyis as soon as possible.


that s right ,on the other hands ,a policy covers rates unchanged and a hike coming in december also could see the currency up ,Cause The Bank of England will continue tightening policy over the next few years even as productivity growth slows and Brexit damps momentum
@hoivinh, thanks bro. I hope so, too
Nice analysis, thanks. I'm going to wait for the news, then let it spike, and when I see it's done with the retracement from the big move, I'll jump in. Good luck!!
AndyCharlotte DatDudeDanny
@DatDudeDanny, thanks. I will notify you of further updates here

Have a nice day, my friend
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