GC1! 黄金期货连续 - 08/062021

COMEX:GC1!   黄金期货
如图所见,VPR(筹码分布区),价格决定在 1891 至 1904 这个区间作为一个盘整吸筹的一个动作,逢低都会有大量出现,那就是说市场不想它跌下去,当然这也可以是一个出筹码的动作,所以我们要把支撑画好,跌破了我们就止盈/止损,不跌破1891我们就看到2000,每一次价格拉上去我们就应该把支撑位继续的拉高,跌破我们自己的支撑位就应该止盈,站回上去/有打底信号,我们才继续跌做多,目前这个区间是有支撑的。1904也确实是个特别大的压力位,所以大家要有点耐心

As we can see from the chart, VPR showing us the market willing to let gold consolidating between 1891 to 1904, we can basically took this as a "chip collecting" movement; market is forming a support here before mooning, of course it also could be a false breakout/ a high spot selling(with slow tempo), that is why we need to have our support line there to help us take profit(TP) / stop loss(SL), as for now, if it doesnt go below 1891 I will remain its 1st target to 2000,I have another juicy target it will be at 2700 for my 2nd target tho, but lets stick to our first target before we going to that next planet, 1904 is really a big resistance, so lets have some patience guys, hard work, be patient and have discipline for stop loss move