HPQ Wave Analysis into year end

I decided to update my wave count and get more detailed on the daily. Currently we are in a Wave 4 correction and from what I see have begun the 5th Motive Wave to continue to the upper end of the channel by year end. Should expect upside heading into earnings to the former high then sell off and resume to new highs before hitting the upper channel and correcting from there.
are you bullish on this stocks
BKro23 schery0581
@schery0581, I am neutral at this point. It broke its long term 200 day moving average and I think in order to reclaim it as support we need to get positive details on trade with China. If we can take back the 200 day average as support then my price target is $28 and then that would end a long 5 wave move then would turn down into correction from that point barring any fundamental changes to the company or the market.

the sign show bearish, but it might change....

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