EMA 100 is an important resistance for $ICX #Icon.

ENGLISH: ICX has broken through a big falling wedge since its ATH 0.25% 0.25% , which is a good sign about its future. There's still some other things to pay attention at, tho. We can see it clearly that since the beggining of the downtrend, EMA 100 has been a strong resistance on the H4 chart, so I wouldn't believe in any uptrend rumour until the candles go above this indicator. I'd wait a little more before I take a position. Nonetheless, for those who already bought, and those who will wait, if a bullish trend is confirmed, my primary targets would be 0.000516, 0.000593 and 0.00067, after breakingthrough the important top at 0.000443.

PORTUGUÊS: ICX venceu um grande padrão em flâmula que vinha desde a sua ATH 0.25% 0.25% , que acaba sendo um bom sinal a respeito de seu futuro. Porém, ainda há alguns outros sinais para se atentar. Podemos perceber que desde o início dessa tendência de baixa, o EMA 100 tem sido uma forte resistência no gráfico H4, então eu não acreditaria em nenhum rumor de tendência de alta até que as candles vão acima deste indicador. Eu esperaria um pouco mais antes de entrar comprado. Enfim, para aqueles que já tenham comprado ou aqueles que irão esperar, se uma tendência de alta for confirmada, meus alvos primários seriam 0.00044, 0.000516, 0.000593 e 0.00067, após quebrar o topo importante em 0.000443.

Nice couple of candles there, ICX came close to the resistance of EMA 100 once again, now it's correcting. Depending of how far below it corrects, ICX have a new attempt of breaking through the indicador.
交易开始: Entry: 0.0002878.
评论: ICX currently above the EMA 100 resistance! Waiting for the candle to close as confirmation! RSI a bit oversold, after a regular correction, we can expect Icon to start going up again!
评论: Sorry, I meant overbought**
评论: Sold 17% of my ICX on 0.0003371. The other 83% are distributed on higher targets.

Ideal bounce box ilustrated on the chart. Stop-loss on the same price I bought.
Awesome Analysis with a great outcome. Keep the good work up!
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MatheusFranco mulugulu91
@mulugulu91, thank you so much, my friend! You are an awesome trader aswell!
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MatheusFranco A_Cryptastic_Mind
@A_Cryptastic_Mind, Thanks a lot!
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