791 10
reopened long from now
评论: placed stoploss at 0.698
also drew red lines at 1 minute chart for fun
评论: interesting chart
评论: buying a lot of NEO
评论: why not (don't know why but made this on bittrex)
评论: It looks like history repeats itself with NEO so I'm waiting a dip to 40-41 from 47, then to the moon
评论: I don't believe in it much but if you will impose old growth will see this (NEO again)
Well your wave count is all messed up. You cant just count all the ups and downs as a wave. I think you really need to learn more about Elliott waves.
There are 3 basic rules in EW counting: * Wave 3 can NEVER be the shortest impulse wave. * Wave 2 can NEVER go beyond the start of Wave 1. * Wave 4 can NEVER cross in the same price area as Wave 1.
There are some other guidelines which can be broken but, these 3 you cant broke.
Look good but we haven't hit 4 yet so you might be a little premature.. give it a few days.
hmijares1980 coinwhale
@coinwhale, I think so to
+1 回复
Wich time frame are you using? Thanks
lowlife hmijares1980
@lowlife, Now I understand thanks
Base on what? Could you explain a little longer please
lowlife hmijares1980
@hmijares1980, all my analysis are based on faith and prays
@lowlife, had to laugh hard. Thank you!
@lowlife, LOL
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