NDX/IUXX MAR 11TH 4190/4200/4420/4430 IRON CONDOR

NASDAQ:NDX   纳斯达克100指数
Another thing I'm going to do while waiting for volatility to return in the broader markets such that it makes sense to set up plays 45 days out is go short duration. While I'm not going to put this particular trade on because I have a short duration RUT/IUX iron condor that I rolled out to next week standing in as this week's short duration play (see Post below), at some point I figured I'd putz with the "big daddy of the indices" -- IUXX or NDX (RUT/IUX is the smallest, followed by SPX/SPX500, followed by NDX/IUXX).

Here's a basic setup:

NDX/IUXX Mar 11th 4190/4200/4420/4430 Iron Condor
Probability of Profit: 63%
Max Profit: $335/contract
Buying Power Effect: $665/contract

Notes: Like RUT or SPX plays, this is one that you want to fiddle with getting a fill above the mid price, since price can swing back and forth across that by +/- .20 given the wide bid/ask due to the price of the underlying. Hey $20 is $20 and if you're going 2 or 3 contracts or more, that little .20 swing can add up and be significant. I generally set price .10-.20 above the mid, see if it gets filled, wait a bit, adjust price slightly, etc.

As with all iron condor setups, I look to take the play off as an entire unit if I can for 50% max profit or, if a single side is approaching worthless (.10 or less), I look to take that off first. In the event a side is breached, look to roll it out another week, improving strikes if possible, and selling an oppositional side against for at least a credit that exceeds the cost/debit to roll any tested side.
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