JNJ, a 75 cents risk daily bullish Bat Pattern. (MCD FTF trade)

NYSE:JNJ   Johnson & Johnson
Both of JNJ and MCD are stocks that I want to have in my retirement portfolio, they are typical stocks that worth the easiest buy and hold strategy.
While it doesn't mean they are not tradable at all,since if I don't really want to risk 10-20% for a mid-term investment, I may turn to some tiny risk short-term trading opportunities.

Here JNJ got a daily bat pattern with a suggest entry near 130.30.
Also, 130 fig support itself is usually strong enough to rely on, so I would like to buy off the support with this 2 strategies' combination.

JNJ is a stock that worth more than 10% risk, if I can trade it with only 75 cents risk, I can trade much much more shares if I'm willing to risk the same amount of money. (for sure I won't risk as much though)
Of course less rooms mean lower winning percentage, and being stopped out in such a name with such tiny risk sounds silly.

While my purpose for day-trading is always to create longer term swing positions, and I don't mind if the trade failed as it's the risk I'm willing to lose, and it will be very good positions if the trade succeeds.


On the other hand, the MCD 160 breakout is another trade that I'm very willing to get involved.
It has tried several times and consolidate a lot in front of it , which should accumulate much power for the breakout. 156.95 might be a good out for the swing trade with 162.95 1st kick.

160 level could be a intraday FTF trade (I believe no one knows FTF trade, since I invented it lol)
FTF trade: find a 5 minute or 15 minute out for the day traders who trade the breakout , put a buy limit 1:1 to their risk, put the out to the previous pivot low in the given time frame.
EX: if the potential out is 159.80, the 160 breakout's risk are 20 cents, so FTF trade will put a buy limit @ 159.60.

*the potential out is the out day traders may use if they are involved with the breakout, so think about where they will put the out to find the potential out.

If the 1st try of the breakout fails, the traders who traded the breakout will be stopped out and it created extra, unnecessarily selling pressure that causes slippage.
The people who can benefit from the slippage are the people who already put their buy limit there.
It's a trade that I invented after suffering slippage a lot and I tried several times back then I day-traded a lot.

评论: MCD FTF Trade:
Entry: 159.54
Out: 159.39
1st kick: 159.69 , already got done!
评论: Got the 1st kick for JNJ @ 130.95, put the other half positions out @ 130.85

For those who missed the trade, the inside day here may be another good entry!
评论: ha I didn't notice there is a typo
the other half out are @ 129.85
评论: put the out to 131.80 to trail.