Can Kodak Coin save $KODK?

Chart for a good ol' doctor I know out of NYC.

Charted against KODK and DJIA.

1. We can see a failed attempt to break Fib resistance. From there we have a solid trend of consolidation followed by a nice shift up in moving average.
2. Looks to be a second attempt at bulls taking control. Moving average shows a gradual uptrend, while making a second attempt at Fib resistance.

The company recently advised they are looking to release Kodak coin, however, due to due-diligence they had to postpone their launch to validate investors and source of capital. Furthermore, Kodak looks to tap into block-chain infrastructure by offering Kodak Miners.

Successful deployment and updates into second quarter could bring massive earnings . Furthermore, if they continue to do well in these sectors and post profits with great margins come end of Q4, this thing could explode.

Kodak still has a change to redeem itself in the mining space, they bit off more than they could chew, but with the right guidance they could turn that train-wreck around.

Just a thought.

This is not investment advice, invest at your own risk.
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