LINKBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 06/05/2019

mooncatcherpro 已更新   
BINANCE:LINKBTC   ChainLink / Bitcoin
LINKBTC is showing a bull market. The price reached resistance level 14078. Horizontal volume shows that previously this level was very interesting for the traders and a lot of positions is still here. First of all it can be a locked buy traders which opened long positions from this point earlier and now, to close their positions with breakeven, they sell LINK. Also it can be a big seller. With a high probability we will see a correction now.
But technically priority remains bullish and we expecting the price on 0.15490.
For long positions best levels 0.13323 (with confirmation) and 0.12282 (this level sis priority level and if the price breakdown it, we will reconsider the possible scenario.