LSKBTC Touchdown! We hit the golden ratio.

BINANCE:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
Link recently had a massive pump by the hype surrounding the rebranding. But like most of the times, there was a massive dump when reality caught up with the hype. Lisk has had a violent dump, but perfectly retraced to the golden zone (between the 0.618 fib and 0.65) and immediately broke the downtrend it had since mid February.

The breakout is potentially starting a 5 wave elliot structure with the wave 1 already formed by the breakout, which led to profit taking (wave 2) and now holding perfectly at the 0.50 algo target (16000 SAT) even during the dramatic BTC crash going on.

It's key to keep an eye on the support zone & trend line to hold and see where it develops from here, but a break out is looking likely.

Every trade can fail, but as trader we play the odds and this is looking like a fantastic position.

If you want to reward me for the time I spend to research and TA and keep this going:

Donate BTC: 1EQuazVs5MHpcBrceUvKWwtmFBVpNn6hxw
Donate ETH: 0x9746e2692bad3dc2da5c8d759e2d8c56af74e3d9
Donate LTC: LVZef6iRGe7unhECDFmGDM8VzDMzUaGZqY

Thank you and good luck!

Gojira Nakamoto

ps. This is not financial advise. Use the above information as an indicator, or a way to learn.

交易开始: Trading active golden ratio hit target!
评论: Breakout! don't get greedy guys and start taking profits in the target zone. It might bounce back to retest the new upwards trend line.

Looking sweet!
thanks. please update your thoughts. i had entered on the break and retest of downward trend line yesterday, but exited again today as the patern seems it may fail due to btc weakness. mostly i'm just watching what btc is doing right now. looking if btc will bounce around $8200 and see how it correlates with what lisk is doing.. long term i'm very excited about lisk and even have a nice stash that i am staking but for now wondering if an even better buy in can present. regards godzilla nakomoto!
@romeoalpha, a breakout will often retest the trend line on the opposite side once broken. If you like to be safer, buy once it confirms the bounce on the outside of the trend line. Looking like a great trade!
@romeoalpha, side note, LSK did not suffer 1 bit from any BTC drop so far. The maximum pullback during BTC crashes was around -0.5%
romeoalpha Gojira_Nakamoto
@Gojira_Nakamoto, Noted. thanks!
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