Litecoin 20% Pump - What Now ? LTC/BTC Market Overview

Hi guys, I wanted to study the Litecoin chart, because I think it's a really interesting coin to trade.

I will once again use my Bands Indicator, and will update later if I find any other good TA.
Previous analysis for Bitcoin here and for Ethereum here.

So let's dive into the High Timeframes:
Trend is bullish for now. I don't see any bear signal yet. Price corrected a little after the pump, but the bears show a strong support.

After the Bull Run, price managed to keep at this level, and is preparing maybe another move up.

On the one hour chart, we get more details though. Price is narrowing and the short term trend is bearish . We will simply wait until price breaks through the upper or lower band to enter a trade.

Low Timeframes & DayTrade
Here is the 15 minutes chart. Trend is going sideway but with a nice volatility that allow day traders to make nice profits.

We finish with the 5 minutes chart. Here too some nice opportunities with some sideways action, today's trend was rather bullish with this huge candle at 4 pm.

Note: configuration on chart has been optimised for each timeframe. You can use it for your strategy.
Backtest for the for 4H strategy is shown below. I also did the backtest for the other timeframes.
You can get the Bands Pro Trader Indicator on my website.

Thanks for reading. I will appreciate your analysis too ! - Automated Strategies with Backtest and Alert Setup

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Looks like a pretty massive cup and handle too no? bullish! =)
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I also think Litecoin is a interesting coin to trade than bitcoin, thanks for the advices =D
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@ICEKI, You're welcome friend.
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