LTCEUR Patterns in play

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The 164 saw a double top so bulls and bears still fighter to get supremacy.

Let give it the time it needs to show us the way

Safe trading

评论: Having a hard time getting over the middle of channel.
评论: One of the patterns changed from a possible bearish Cypher to a possible bearish Gartley

评论: 15 min chart still in full blown out bearish outfit
评论: A revisiting of the bottom can't be ruled out. Market need reassurance of the bottom of the correction is in. Bulls are clearly not as brainwashed victorious as previous. Those were the days of bulls lives... not so long ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB4K0scM...
评论: Getting closer to excitement.I do normally not like the c-leg not doing the proper fib-ratio, but the bearish Gartley seems likely...... or is it a bull flag ;) Patience pays.

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