LITECOIN TRIPLE BOTTOM. JUST READ! Is it more than an intuition?

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Hi all,
I want to specify I'm a new entry in the trading world. Graduation in Finance is not necessary to become a trader. Other skills are rather so much more important which re the following:
1)Maths gives you a faster learning of techical understanding
2)Temper, fondamental to build one that adapts to financial markets, in particular to the assets you're interested to trade
3)Understanding we are big fishes and that if we want to survive we need to predict big fishes moves
4)Minimal technical analysis knowledge
5)Entry and exit strategy
6) Do some demos before entering with real money!

Practically I believe the measures some have to control are relation/trends between candles, volumes, structures, price action/basic shapes (Cup and handle/Double/Triple bottom, Head and Shoulders , Flags,Armonic Patterns etc) MACD , MA (50,100, 200 ect), fibonacci, retracements/resistance/supports, overbought and oversold indicators like the relative strengh index. Get to know the timing
In the cripto market there is an extra benefit in prediction which comes from relation between criptos and the way they are related with market news. To explain a bit more for metechnical analysis follows price and criptos other assets follow technical analysis to stregthen/bust their upcoming news.

Litecoin is in a crucial point, I believe it to be close to the end of it's long bearish momentum. It seams a possiblle tripple bottom has chances to get formed as other coins like Neo seem to be forming a descending reverse head and shoulders pattern. To me it seams even correlated with the fact that Litcoin has shown to be more stable compared to the other coins. Also I still believe this down trend is conditioned by Bitcoin which does seem to go in this direction. Coordinated reversal movement is another thought of mine and if I can bet on a time range to reach the bottom for crypto currencies I guess it will be tomorrow 9 th which I guess will also be the day LITCOIN will announce the LITEPAY launch. As anticipated last friday the launch would have happened in days I guess friday is the psicological maximum expected!

Good luck! And trade safe!
A particular thanks goes to my teacher MagicpoopCanon who gave me a lot of inputs by reading he's very professional posts and which I will keep following!
评论: I've read around people saying Litecoin is going to the moon but I still see there is a great chance to get to the triple bottom :)
评论: It's very interesting to see a triple top forming just before getting to the triple bottom :)
评论: Get ready for the fall....
评论: I have a doubt. If LTC announced litepay would be live in days news could have been misleading saying it would have been launched this week. Could actually be till next Thursday 15th the limit for the launch
In most coins you can spot a bullish pattern forming (i.e. ltc triple bottom, btc potential double bottom). A solid breakout for bitcoin now above the 8.4k resistance zone would seem forced and too early for me. I would like to see it test the bottom again before finally pushing through. Volume is declining again and if you look at the MACD on BTC you can see its turning over.

I notice people calling this the bottom just because they hope it is. The indicators tell me otherwise.
SteveMaglio 99j.coryn
SteveMaglio SteveMaglio
Thanks for your comment :)
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