Watchlist 27 | BTC, LTC | Stops were valid, bear flag on watch.

Hey guys, thanks for checking out today’s update. I’m going to skim over BTC and LTC in this video, as that’s where much of the action is. I mentioned in some previous posts in the Discord server and my previous video that we’d have a good place to move our stops with BTC , and that played out beautifully with a dump down to the low 9000’s. Had you placed your stop loss properly, you’d be in the profit and would have been able to scoop up that oversold bounce by a purely reactionary strategy of watching the 5m - 15m timeframes. From here we have a bear flag and if we break the most recent bear fractal or break the triangle of this flag, we’ll see a bit more downside. Be ready to buy a panic-sold dip! The story is about the same for LTC, watch the correlation as one may act before the other.

Roti out.
I don't know if it is only on my side but your audio cut often.
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RotiWokeman Emperator
@Emperator, Bugger I'll see what's going on with that. Others have said the same. Thanks for the heads up.
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