Need reputation to comment, so heres my LTCUSD idea (1st post)


COINBASE:LTCUSD Just my thoughts on what may happen after the big LTCUSD break out.. Probably looking for a correction I'm guessing. These trend lines i'd take with grain of salt, but I feel like this could be a possible outcome. Lots of people calling the moon but I'd say as many bars it went up, it'll probably come down about that many. Very rough estimate on my chart as it's my first one. If you can just give me a like for trying, and some constructive criticism that would be amazing! Thanks in advance,

评论: time frame of my trend lines could be very innaccurate , but just keep an eye on LTCUSD - It's my favorite coin by far.. but I tend to believe if it's too good to be true - it is. Hoping for the moon, but thought i'd also show a possible other side of the coin here. Thanks!
评论: Would definitely consider comments opinions, this is my first post and just an idea that there might be a large correction after so much inactivity with LTCUSD. Seems to be holding 220~ well though for time being.
评论: After further analysis, the chart is very exaggerated. There will be only a slight correction, but then definitely will be seeing another surge. - thank you for your patience and dealing with my 1st post. Kudos to you!
Because of LitePay and Litcoin Cash announcement, I doubt this will go down 3-4 bars as you mentioned above! Shorting LTC here can be risky and end up losing gains. I wouldn't short it until it hits $300
@Arsham6, you may be right good sir. Thanks for weighing in.
i think we cant predict for the current Ltc case cause of fake fork fomo
I figured some correction due to fake fork. May be totally off on this one though. Thanks for input!
Can go straight to 300
@Pupito, I wouldn't be opposed as a lover of litecoin. Just a thought.
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