Litecoin Crushes Support

Litecoin has edged downwards continuously to press the lower bound of the KRI . Both Kovach Momentum Indicators have turned bearish , and this is true across the board. It is now apparent that we are in wave 2, which began February 20th when we hit a relative high. LTC is currently clinging to support at $162, which would have seemed infeasible to the most pessimistic investors yesterday. This level has been explicitly identified many times here. Levels from below include $133, and $117, unless LTC can consolidate. From above, we must contend with $176, $180, and $189, before we can even consider making a run for the $200 handle where LTC once held its ground.

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This an organized fall for all
quantguy afreet77
@afreet77, someone knows something we don't...
+1 回复
afreet77 quantguy
@quantguy, we are golden fish,bots and whales dont even look at TA,with my respect to your work
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