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Today we have MAID/BTC on the daily chart , a lot of individuals have asked my opinion about this cryptocurrency and I'd like to give you all a brief technical overview.

As you can see during 2015 we experienced a move from 0.00002000 to 0.00029400 within 4-5 months which is around a 1300% increase in price.

Currently, price is respecting the 0.618 retracement level, if we see a break of this level we will see an increase to 0.00029400, thus providing an excellent opportunity to buy!

If we fail to break the 0.618 level we will see a drop back down to the trendline before sky-rocketing, this is where I would enter my position (in a perfect world).

The main purpose of this post is to highlight the key price structure within the market, refer to this chart whether you're going long or short.

If you want more trading inspiration, connect with me below.
评论: I'm still watching MAID in the run up to the Alpha 2 release, I love that this cryptocurrency always holds a solid price structure.

We're currently trading in-between the trendline and 0.618 retracement level.

If all goes well with the release it could bring the much needed attention to MaidSafe.
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Do you know any estimate date of the release?
@mgolawski, estimated 3-4 weeks but don't hold me to that, others are saying late 2017.
mgolawski LewisGlasgow
@LewisGlasgow, Thanks. I will try to stay up to day. Do you suggest any news channel to get informed in proper time?
Nomii mgolawski
@mgolawski, safenetforum.org/
Nomii mgolawski
@mgolawski, Lewis is right, high chances are it will be next month some time.But it can be delayed. this is not a small project.and the devs want everything to be perfect. this is one of the beautiful project so far....in few days u will never find this price again imho. so this is the best time to get in....or consult Boss Lewis. He is genius.No doubts
@Nomii, they're building something unique, it will take time... But it'll be worth the wait.

I agree with you, it has found support and I do not see it breaking anytime soon.

Thanks for commenting.
Trying to break through .618
@MoeB_712, not long now :)
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OllieCc PRO LewisGlasgow
@LewisGlasgow, so the safer buy is to buy the confirmed breakout above 20883 to reduce the RR ratio?
I don't know why I wrote that, I answered my own question
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