SICK sector rotations to defensive stocks for US stock market!

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I posted so much less stock ideas this quarter as generally I like to long stock that I'm willing to invest, and look for bullish set-ups.
While even I'm still bullish in so many names, but there aren't so many bullish set-ups in this market.

Wait a minute, defensive stocks are big exceptions and perfect choice for bottom-up strategy recently, and it's more than reasonable!


and other classic defensive names like VZ, JNJ, MRK, PEP all showed great relative strength than the market!
(T is the lagger though)

That is, P/E ratio for tech stocks encounters huge corrections and the money come out of them just ran into these defensive stocks.
U.S stock market is still the top choice as there aren't many better alternatives.
While, investors tend to turn money into defensive stocks to fight for fluctuations.

In conclusion, it's still far from a financial crisis and it's still not too late to look for long opportunities in this sector!

Let's see how it goes!
All these names are flat or up a little when the market slumps for more than 1.5%!? Nice defenders yo!