$MGT Looking Very Bullish After Appointing McAfee CEO / (EW)


I decided to analyze this stock after hearing about McAfee being appointed C.E.O. and the massive gains that were made that day. On the monthly chart it appears that MGT19.69% may have just completed a double zigzag pattern or possibly a triple pattern (which we can't see because of the 10 year gap in public trading, I've also hidden the data prior to 1995 because it is not relevant to this pattern due to the time gap). If it is a double pattern that would imply up to an 80% retracement, if it is actually a triple pattern then it would imply up to a 61.8% retracement , but it would also mean that the pattern started from a much higher price. For now since we only have consistent data going back to 1995 I am going to just assume that 80% is the max target. Now this obviously means that this stock could increase up to 200,000% from 1.5, so a fortune could be made from just a small investment in this stock . The risk to reward here is very very good. You may lose everything if the company some how went bankrupt (which is unlikely) but the gains of 2000x whatever you put in makes this trade well worth the risk so long as you do not risk too much of your capital. Even if it only gets a small retracement it is still going to be a very large gain because it is at such a low price as of now. It may take a couple of years to finish this retracement but it is very likely to grow massively if this pattern is correct.

Breaking the 0-B trendline as quickly as it has is also a good sign that this will continue going up for at least a few months. The Elliott Wave pattern seems to fit very well. Being that this is the 2nd largest bullish monthly candle that this stock has ever had (and its only the 12th of the month) it is very likely that this is a significant bottom. The yearly candle looks very bullish as well. The momentum on the monthly chart is a massive bullish divergence and has been waiting to play out, I think that it's finally time for it to start gaining some bullish momentum.

McAfee and his expertise in computer security gives this company a competitive advantage in their internet-based applications. The indicators look great and the fundamentals have just had a significant change, this could be a formula for a massive trend change. It will definitely be interesting to see if this count plays out like expected.
评论: Being that we've already retraced to nearly 5 it does appear that we completed a 5th wave failure for the last wave (c) because of the extreme violence of this retracement. So at a minimum we must retrace all of the last wave (c), which we've almost done and at this rate we most likely will fully retrace it soon. There is some impressive momentum so far though, easily the largest monthly candle MGT has ever had and its only the 17th of the month.
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god of the god i've ever seen
and actually i analyze chart differently but result is so similar to you, using several tools.
so if you are interested in that, please PM then i will provide only for you :)
im your fan!
God of the god
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